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Glass products in Mackay

We offer a wide range of glass products to give your home an elegant new look while also enjoying full functionality. Whether you are in need of a shower enclosure, new customised bathroom mirror, or splashbacks for the bathroom or kitchen, we design and implement an array of products that will perfectly coordinate with your home.

Our team will come to your location to determine what you need, and we work with you to design what you want based on size, thickness, type of glass and more. Our glaziers are highly skilled and create virtually any glass product you need to complete your home with elegance and style.

Showers & Mirrors


Russco's Glazing Service offers a range of showers screens and mirrors. Our dazzling shower screens add protection for your bathroom, while also adding an open and airy look that will easily highlight your home's decor no matter whether you prefer a modern or more traditional look.

Complete the look by adding a customised mirror to go over your sink, on the back of the door, or anywhere else in your bathroom.



Splashbacks are a great way to add style to any room while adding an easy to clean surface and protection for the wall behind sinks, stoves and more. We provide an array of splashbacks in multiple patterns, colours, shapes and sizes.

They are a great way to add a pop of colour to the bathroom, or they can be used to add visual interest in the kitchen. We can create something as detailed and intricate or as simple and streamlined as you need.

We'll come to your location and design the perfect splashback for your home or business. Our team will provide you with fast and affordable service anywhere throughout Mackay and surrounding areas.